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Elsker Personalised Love Jar Messenger

Elsker Personalised Love Jar Messenger

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Elsker Love Jar Messenger - A classic timeless gift that tells the story of love and is sweet with sentiment. Let this gift set be the story of the both of you.

What better gift for bae to remember than a personalised message, or one of their special moments with you kept inside this jar. We have also included a ‘happy pill’ with a note inside the pill for you to write your love note to your valentine.

Elsker Messenger Jar is also suitable for special occasions:
- A best friend's birthday (or someone very close to you)
- Father's Day / Mother's Day
- Anniversary

Inside the box:
- 1 x Jar with your personalised photo
- 1 x heart shape embroidery patch (assorted colour)
- 1 x Happy pill (assorted colour) with a slip of paper inside to write your love notes
- Each set is hand-crafted with love from our team, and comes packed in a craft box with a label - 'This is our story'.

🚚 FREE DELIVERY to 1 location in Singapore.

To order, simply make a checkout, and email us your photo.

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