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Be Tickled Prescription Gift Box

Be Tickled Prescription Gift Box

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Be Tickled Gift Box is filled with content full of endorphins that will instantly make your day or someone else’s day.

- Effective temporary relief of that bad-day feeling
- Gentle on your mind, soul, and body
- Good for mental health

Take one look at it as often as desired, but symptoms of feeling tickled, a HAHA sensation, or A Good Day feeling may arise after prolonged intake.

Expiry: NIL

Approved by Two Sleepy Heads and is suitable for all ages.

💊 Inside this box:
a. Your Ultimate Prescription Medical Card to keep it with you at all times
- Take this card to your pharmacist and watch the smile on their face

b. One Random Smiley Emoji Stretchable Man 
- Emoji man will be selected at random 

c. A bag of shroom pills to give that instant boost of endorphins

d. A bag of confetti to add to the smiles

Warning: All items inside this prescription box are not edible.

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