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A Crappy Gift Box

A Crappy Gift Box

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Here's a Crappy Gift Box for you!

Get it for yourself or that someone you know who is having a crappy day. This Crappy Gift Box will withstand any crap that comes your way.

Personalised your box: This gift allows you to write the name of the person you are giving it to at the front of the box.

Inside this Crappy Gift Box, you will find:
💩 1 x Hatch-Me Tamagotchi
Note: either Pastel or translucent colour Tamagotchi will be randomly selected
💩 1 x Stress Relief Brain (with popping eyes for every squeeze)
💩 1 x F**k This Crap Middle Finger
💩 1 x Fritzy Catapult
(the eyes are not perfect but it will do the job of catapulting your crap away)
💩 1 x 1% Low Batt Embroidery Patch

Suitable for: Anyone having a crappy day.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the crappiness that goes inside this box.

Click on the images for the items inside.

Limited sets available.

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